The commissioning of the waste treatment plant of the Zweckverband Nuthe-Spree (ZAB) was completed in the middle of 2006, after Waste Tec GmbH had carried out the still open planning and delivery services due to the insolvency of the general contractor.

In the processing plant, a daily amount of 600 Mg of domestic and bulky waste are processed into substitute fuel.

to the detailed plant description

Since 2006 Waste Tec GmbH is continuously working in different fields of engineering for the ZAB.

Following is a brief overview of the services performed:


Supplementing and improving fire detection technology


Turn key refurbishment of the plant’s process control and process visualisation


Expansion of the waste heat utilization for air conditioning of the operating rooms

2014 til 2016

Optimisation of the mechanical treatment plant and dedusting equipment incl. process control and visualisation as well as installation supervision and commissioning