In the years 2000/2001, a mechanical-biological waste treatment plant (MBT) was built at the Dresden site for a throughput capacity of 400 Mg of domestic waste per day.

The target of the waste treatment plant is the production of substitute fuel for further thermal utilisation. The plant started operation in May 2001.

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The employees of Waste Tec GmbH were significantly involved in the planning, construction and commissioning of the plant during the planning phase up to the start of regular operation and are still working as consulting engineers for the DAVG Dresden.

Following is a brief overview of the services performed:


Planning and implementation of alterations in the delivery area and installation of Gate air curtains


Optimizing of RDF Treatment (pelletizing and conveying)


Planning and implementation of the exchange of the pre-shredders and the optimization of the material input streams


Setup of an energy management system

2013 up to 2015

Turn key refurbishment of the plant’s process control and process visualisation