Since June 2005, the KAEV “Niederlausitz” operates a plant for the mechanical-biological treatment of 30,000 Mg of domestic waste per year for the production of substitute fuel for the Jänschwalde power plant at the Lübben-Ratsvorwerk waste disposal centre.

In 2007, KAEV “Niederlausitz” engaged Waste Tec GmbH to refurbish and optimise the existing treatment plant.

Since then, Waste Tec GmbH has been a reliable partner for engineering plant support.

Here is a brief overview of the services performed:

Section 1: 2007

Optimisation of the biological drying process incl. adjustments in the process control technology and Process visualization inclusive installation support and commissioning

Section 2: 2009/2010

Replacement of the entire ventilation technology including the process control technology and process visualization