Since 2005, the Waste Association of Südniedersachsen operates a mechanical-biological waste treatment plant for processing houshold waste into substitute fuel with a throughput capacity of approx. 130,000 Mg per year.

The fine material is fed into a downstream fermentation stage and the produced methane is then used to generate energy in the company’s own combined heat and power plant.

In the year 2007, Waste Tec GmbH was engaged by the Waste Association of Südniedersachsen to carry out replanning and optimisation work on the existing mechanical treatment plant.

Since that time, Waste Tec GmbH has been a reliable partner for engineering plant support.

Here is a brief overview of the services performed:

2007 up to 2009

Overall planning of the extension of the fuel preparation inclusive the subsequently commissioning support


Planning for the rebuild of screening line 1 inclusive the modification of process control technology and process visualization