In the Years 2004/2005 a mechanical-physical waste treatment facility (RABA) was built at the Chemnitz site for a throughput capacity of 150,000 Mg of domestic waste per year. The RABA technology consists of mechanical shredding, sorting and compacting systems as well as thermal drying.

The main product of the waste treatment plant is a pelletized substitute fuel.

The target of the waste treatment plant is the production of a pelletized substitute fuel for further thermal utilisation. The plant started operation in May 2005.

In the year 2010, the engineers of Waste Tec GmbH were engaged with the energy and operational optimization of the plant operation.

Since that time, Waste Tec GmbH has been a reliable partner of RABA Chemnitz for engineering and plant support.

Here is a brief overview of the services performed:

2010 up to 2012

Overall planning and technical engineering support of the Energy and operational optimisation in the field of fuel preparation and material flow management