Umweltdienste Bohn GmbH engaged Waste Tec Gmbh with the engineering and approval planning for the waste treatment plant in Weidenhausen.

The task of the treatment plant is the production of secondary fuel, which is used as substitute fuel in the in-house power plant in Witzenhausen.

to the detailed plant description

The Waste Tec engineers were responsible for the overall planning, preparation of the tender documents, site management and technical support in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, ventilation technology, erection supervision and commissioning of the waste treatment plant.

Since then, Waste Tec GmbH has been a reliable partner of Umweltdienste Bohn GmbH.

Here is a brief overview of the services performed:


Overall planning including Site supervision and commissioning


Optimizing of exhaust air at the machinery hall inclusive exhaust air purification


Engineering support for the replacement of the existing re-shredding system


Planning of the expansion of the parking area for the vehicles and the black/white area of the drivers