Order to provide engineering services for the Gaocheng MBT plant project, Hebei Province, China

October 2018

Waste Tec is awarded the contract to provide engineering services for the construction of the mechanical-biological waste treatment plant MBT Gaocheng, Hebei Province, China.

China Jinjiang Environment (CJE) intends to build a waste treatment plant for a waste volume of 1,800 tpd in two lines at the Shijiazhuang site.

The primary objective of the plant is to generate secondary fuel for subsequent thermal utilization in a newly constructed power plant.

Operating company: Gevin ltd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Throughput: 657.000 to/a household waste
Target: RDF production for the CJE owned power plant

There are 2 processing lines planned, each line can process 900 tpd of household waste. The waste is biologically pre-treated in 18 drying boxes in order to achieve a degree of drying of approx. 30%. Due to the lower moisture content, the material can get separated more effectively and thus the maximum added value can be achieved.