Future since 30 years

The amount of waste generated during the production, use and disposal of products / goods is increasing worldwide: Per capita, more than 500 kgs of waste are produced every year. Rising tendency!

Waste consists of raw materials – raw materials are limited!

It has already been recognized for long that waste contains valuable, recovarable raw materials. Whereas in the past it was simply about disposing the waste.

With the mechanical biological treatment technology we enable our clients to recover materials for resource-efficient recycling but also secondary fuels for the substitution of primary energy sources such as coal, oil and gas from waste in a cost-efficient and environmentally sound manner.

Our composting technology enables the recycling of organic wastes and subsequently the consistent implementation of the cycle of materials.



Mechanical and biological treatment

In our plants recyclable materials are recovered from waste and secondary fuel…

Composting of organic

In a highly efficient and environmentally friendly manner organic waste…

Planning and consulting services

The realisation of technically demanding projects in the field of waste…


New SRF storage hall for the MBS Westerwald

July 2020
Contract award for the approval planning as well as construction and project management of the new storage hall for substitute fuels of the MBS Westerwald


COMPOSTING – A sustainable “bio waste recycling”

January 2020
Start of regular operation at the Beselich composting plant

Nearly everything … „in the green range“

April 2019
Partial commissioning – 1. construction phase of the Beselich composting plant