MBS plant Westerwald


Upgrade and renewal of the process visualization for biological and mechanical waste treatment. Within the implementation of this order, Waste Tec did the program modifications and implemented the new programme during ongoing operation after consultation with the client.

For the improvement of the substitute fuel quality the MBS Westerwald is furthermore realising a structural and technical extension of the plant currently. For this purpose, Waste Tec was commissioned with various planning services for civil construction, mechanical engineering, and ventilation technology.

In detail, the realisation of the project requires the construction of a new hall, the acquisition of additional machine technology, technology for exhaust air collection and various reconstruction works.

For this purpose, Waste Tec is preparing the basic and draft planning for the machine and ventilation technology and the planning of the new hall construction. This includes the new hall bypass road and the relocation of the fire extinguishing pond.

The engineering support of the approval procedure and the execution of the tenders for the building component are also part of the contract awarded to Waste Tec. Waste Tec is preparing the technical tender documents for the scheduled mechanical and ventilation technology and is responsible for the technical evaluation and award monitoring of the tendered trades or lots also.