Progress in construction already visible

July 2020

Contract award for the approval planning as well as construction and project management of the new storage hall for substitute fuels of the MBS Westerwald

The contract for the preparation of the approval planning, including the draft of the tender documents for all lots, e.g. structural steelwork and electrical works has been awarded to Waste Tec. Construction and project management of the construction works of the new fuel storage hall for the MBS Westerwald is also part of the order.

The contract for the approval planning was awarded in June 2018. The other engineering tasks were assigned to Waste Tec during the planning phase.

At present the storage hall is in the construction phase. Completion is scheduled for December 2020.

Operator: MBS-Anlage Westerwald GmbH & Co. KG

Storage capacity: approx. 800 tons of loose or pellet shaped SRF