Abfallzweckverband Südniedersachsen

Preparation of the technical tender documents for a new primary shredder and provision of engineering support for installation and commissioning. As part of the modernisation measures, the existing primary shredder shall be replaced.


GAB Umweltservice Tornesch

For the adaption to the new biowaste ordinance, the client (GAB) plans to modernise the outdated plant technology for the treatment of biowaste prior to fermentation/composting. A feasibility study including a basic evaluation and comparison of different scenarios is prepared by Waste Tec on behalf of GAB for this purpose.


Herhof Kompostierung Beselich GmbH
Kompostierungsanlage Beselich

Planned adjustments made by the client in the plant operation mode require the preparation of a new application for approval according to BImSchG (with public participation) for the Beselich composting plant. Waste Tec was appointed to prepare the application documents for the approval procedure.

In addition, Waste Tec is active in an advisory role regarding process optimization.


Kompostierungsanlage Miltenberg

Due to new regulations in the Technical Instructions on Air Quality (TA-Luft) and the 42nd BImSchV, it was required to modify the existing ventilation and filter technology for the intensive rotting (tunnel composting).

The modifications did result in the discontinuation of the existing cooling system for multiple use of the tunnel exhaust air and an increase in the tunnel supply and exhaust air volume. Because of this the existing ventilation technology had to be modified and the existing filter system had to be replaced. The required planning services were awarded to Waste Tec.

Other than the mentioned modifications of the ventilation technology for the hall air extraction and the composting tunnels, a new exhaust air purification system consisting of an open top biofilter, and a scrubber was designed as well. Also received was the order for the required planning, programming, and visualization of the complete composting process, including the exhaust air collection/treatment.


ZIBO Green Energy, China

Engineering support for commissioning (3rd processing line MBT Linzi )

After completion of the planning services for the construction of the 3rd processing line of the mechanical-biological treatment plant Linzi, Waste Tec did also receive the order for the engineering support of the plant commissioning (3rd line).

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation and the associated entry restrictions, an on-site presence by Waste Tec was not feasible.

The required engineering services were provided via remote service, against this background.