In the mechanical and biological waste treatment centre Fusina (Venice), municipal solid waste is processed into a substitute fuel, which is then used in the nearby thermal power plant. Organic waste is treated in a composting treatment plant.

The plant starts operating in the year 2001.

7 years later, it was decided to convert the composting plant into an additional mechanical-biological treatment plant and thus to a total capacity of the plant of 267,000 Mg per year.

In the year 2008 Company Ladurner engaged Waste Tec GmbH to do the planning for the modification of the existing composting plant into a mechanical-biological treatment plant.

Since then, Waste Tec GmbH has been a reliable partner for engineering plant support.

Here is a brief overview of the services performed:

2008 up to 2010

Overall planning of a plant conversion from in-vessel composting to MBT (bio-drying)


Turn key refurbishment of the plant’s process control and process visualisation