Ekokem Oy (now Fortum) planned to build a unique Circular Economy Village in Riihimäki, Finland.

In a residual waste treatment plant, recyclables would be separated mechanically from approx. 100,000 tonnes of municipal waste. Together with separately collected plastic waste, further treatment was planned in a separate automated sorting plant.

Organic and biological materials were to be used to generate electricity at a biogas plant.

The generated substitute fuels and recycables were to be used to generate district heating and electricity in the nearby waste-to-energy plant.

The engineers of Waste Tec GmbH were significantly involved in the implementation of the plant planned by IUT (Austria).

The task was the detailed planning of the residual waste processing and the automatic sorting plant, the technical execution in the areas of mechanical, electrical and ventilation engineering as well as the supervision of installation up to the commissioning of the individual plant areas.

Here is a brief overview of the services performed: