Order for Engineering MBT Plant Linzi 3rd line, China

May 2018

Waste Tec receives the engineering order for the construction of the 3rd line of the mechanical-biological waste treatment plant Linzi, Shandong Province, China.

China Jinjiang Environment (CJE) intends to expand it´s waste treatment plant at the Linzi site. A third line for processing a further waste volume of 900 tpd (a total of 2,700 tpd) shall be built there.

The primary objective of the plant is to generate secondary fuel for the subsequent thermal utilization in the newly constructed power plant on the same site.

Operating company: Zibo Green Energy New Energy Co., Ltd
Throughput 3 lines: 985,500 tpa of MSW when finally completed
Target: RDF production for the CJE owned power plant

Lines 1 and 2 with a total capacity of 1800 tpd are in operation since autumn 2018. Each line consists of 18 drying boxes, drying the waste prior to mechanical processing from a moisture content of approx. 50% to less than 30%.

Waste Tec was already involved in the development, planning, construction and commissioning of lines 1+2. Waste Tec was also awarded the engineering contract for line 3, which is now being built by CJE completely on their own.

The Linzi MBT plant is the world’s largest mechanical-biological waste treatment plant built to date.